Aplus: Let's learn together, not alone

Aplus is the social media for education - filling in the missing peer-to-peer communication during remote learning.



Aplus offers a suite of features to use!

Users are able to categorize their posts into designated subsections, allowing for more clarity when accessing content. This allows more content to be engaged with a higher CTR from users. Aplus also automatically tries to suggest categories using natural-node's NLP tokenization and named entity recognition APIs, for more content accuracy.
Aplus automatically does preprocessing server side before the page is interactive, determining which posts are most relevant to the user and displaying the posts as a feed with partial post loading. This allows for a more engaging experience and minimizes the extra overhead associated with viewing a large quantity of posts.
Students are able to easily create posts with a predictable API, meaning they can share ideas, projects, and even ask questions. Aplus automatically have upranking and reporting systems in place, making moderation substantially more streamlined and less time consuming.
Although platforms such as Discord or Slack provide a hacky way to perform peer-to-peer communication, due to the instantaneous chat abilities, conversations are often non-productive. Aplus purposely creates a forum-like experience while making sure the interface is engaging, ensuring productivity in posts.